Ultra-lightweight Data Bus Couplers

Compact, in-line, splice-terminated data bus couplers feature a lightweight design that meets the MIL-STD-1553B requirements for hardware configuration and performance. The low-profile configuration enables avionics systems designers to plan for optimum couplet locations. Microcouplers are also available in space-grade materials. TE's Raychem technology builds on 20 years of experience and continuous improvement in data bus to offer ultra-lightweight, in-line microcouplers in 1 to 6 stub configurations.

Product Features:

Data Bus Couplers
  • Lightweight
  • Ease of installation 
  • Environmental sealing
  • No connectors 


In-line microcouplers one and two stub


Approved standard MIL-STD-1553D

In-Line Microcouplers

One and Two Stub

The low-profile configuration of these couplers enables avionics system designers to plan for optimum coupler locations. Microcouplers are supplied with SPEC 55 data bus cables, including EMP hardened versions. These are also available assembled with other components into a complete data bus harness. 

Single Stub Double Stub
D-500-0455-1-YYY-ZZZ D-500-0455-2-YYY-ZZZ
D-500-0465-1-YYY-ZZZ D-500-0465-2-YYY-ZZZ
D-500-0456-1-YYY-ZZZ D-500-0456-2-YYY-ZZZ
D-500-0466-1-YYY-ZZZ D-500-0466-2-YYY-ZZZ
D-500-0457-1-YYY-ZZZ D-500-0457-2-YYY-ZZZ
D-500-0467-1-YYY-ZZZ D-500-0467-2-YYY-ZZZ
D-500-0458-1-YYY-ZZZ D-500-0458-2-YYY-ZZZ
D-500-0468-1-YYY-ZZZ D-500-0468-2-YYY-ZZZ

See attached catalog page for configurations 

Ultra Lightweight In-Line Microcouplers

1 Through 6 Stub

A new family of ultra light-weight In-line micro-couplers, available in 1 through 6 stub configuratioins. These couplers offer the same high performance and reliability as current microcouplers, but their weight is further reduced. These are available in configurations up to 6-stub and to minmize weight: there is no option for a mounting eyelet. Combined with TE 24 AWG or 26 AWG data bus cables, these ultra light couples allow designers to significantly reduct weight.  

Product Descriptions

See attached catalog page for configurations 

Box Couplers

The multiport capability of these couplers (up to eight stubs) enables avionics system designers to interconnect black boxes with minimum wire runs. Box couplers are supplied with triaxial threaded or bayonet connects.  


Space-Grade In-Line Couplers

  • Tin/nickel-plated metallic parts
  • Baked silicone rubber components
  • Low outgassing levels that meet NASA requirements

Select Applications:

Data Bus Couplers

Commercial Aerospace

Controlling aircraft design and operation costs is an increasing challenge for the commercial aerospace industry. TE consistently delivers proven value and performance and increasingly lighter weight solutions for customer applications.