Sensors for industrial, medical, and mobility technology

With the acquisition of First Sensor, we broadened our sensor offering to include a more extensive range of pressure, flow, liquid level, oxygen, light, and level technologies for monitoring and measuring parameters within industrial, medical and mobility applications.

Our First Sensor products can provide highly precise, accurate, long lasting, and durable sensing solutions for even the harshest conditions.  From industrial automation within factory environments and patient monitoring practices in medical facilities to intelligent technologies for automobiles, these sensors provide the foundational element in collecting valuable data to inform key people about the performance of specific functions, which allows stakeholders to adjust operational processes and manufactured products, as needed. These sensing technologies have a decisive influence on the quality, economic efficiency, and safety within the application by monitoring and measuring key factors. As a global leader in sensors technology, our highest priority is high quality manufacturing. This  is incorporated into the processes of designing and producing a broad range of sensor technologies. Since medical technologies and tools are vital to a patient’s wellbeing, our First Sensor medical sensors meet the EN ISO 13485 certification and comply with the strict requirements needed for medical products. Additionally, within the automotive industry, sensing technologies need to be constructed to specific quality standards. Therefore, all customized auto sensors are developed in compliance of ISO/TS 16949 which is the quality management system for the automobile industry. The technology, capacity, and experience to adapt and optimize our sensors to specific applications and markets is what sets us apart from other sensor manufacturers. We offer specialized technical expertise, comprehensive consultancy services and customized quality products for core areas. Discover our sensor technologies for industrial, medical and mobility applications.