Comprehensive range of resistors

TE's Citec portfolio offers a wide variety of resistors, including potentiometers, surface mount resistors, through-hole resistors, thermistors, and trimpots. Our Citec portfolio also includes rotary encoders. The Citec brand has grown to become the first choice for electronic design engineers due to its comprehensive product range. Sensing resistors from Citec are used traditionally in temperature compensating circuits and other applications that require a resistance that varies according to ambient temperature. The product range is complemented by special products suitable for detecting moisture and humidity. Citec resistors have various sealing solutions and can be customized to satisfy individual customer specifications.

Reliable Trim Pots

Our Citec solutions are designed for circuits that require sealed or unsealed trimmers from just 2mm square. Multi-turns for precision trimming are available with 11 or 12 turn setability. A variety of Citec potentiometers, ranging from single and multi-turn versions with cement or carbon elements, to switched options with shafts in either plastic or metal, are available.