Basic requirements information

Q: What tab are you mating to? What is your thickness and width requirements?

A: TE Connectivity offers a variety of terminals that mate to a variety of tabs. Some width sizes include .312”, .250”, .187”, .125”, .110” and the standard thicknesses for these terminals are .032” and .020”.

Q: Do you have low insertion force requirements?

A: TE Connectivity has 8 to 16 lb. options. We offer a variety of terminals such as premier, budget, LIF, moldable and hermetic style terminals. 

Q: Do you require positive lock?

A: Positive lock adds an additional poka-yoke feature to any application that uses a tab with a hole. The level latches into the hole and prevents the terminal from disconnecting from the tab without depressing the lever with a finger. In a housing positive lock locks onto the tab so you cannot disengage unless you pull on the housing.

Q: Does your application require glow wire solutions?

A: If so, TE Connectivity offers V2 glowwire options.

Q: Do you need a straight or a flag configuration?

A: In some cases flag orientation will reduce wire usage and wire stress.

Q: What size wire are you using?

A: Wire size is dependent on the amount of current you need, typically terminals are 10-12 AWG, 18-14 AWG, and 22-18 AWG.

Q: How do I determine the amperage that can be put through the tabs?

A: This depends on wire type, which can be determined in the appropriate TE catalog and by referring to UL310, which shows rated currents based on wire size.