TE News: Improve power connectivity on overhead lines with AMPACT BAT

Improve power connectivity on overhead lines with TE Connectivity’s easy-to-install AMPACT Bolt Actuated Tap (BAT) connector



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New generation of wedge-pressure technology AMPACT BAT connector provides the proven performance of AMPACT fired-on wedge connectors without the requirement of a powder-actuated installation tool.

Ottobrunn, Germany

The new bolt actuated tap connector from TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, provides utilities and distribution network owners a reliable connection and can be installed without specialized tools. The AMPACT BAT uses wedge pressure technology, pioneered by TE, and is designed for making tap connections on aluminum-to-aluminum and aluminum-to-copper overhead conductors in transmission, distribution, and substation applications. The new bolt actuated element replaces the powder actuated installation process, making it easier for linemen to install, while still providing the technical performance of the first generation of AMPACT connectors. TE’s AMPACT BAT is also designed to fit a wide range of conductor sizes, allowing for streamlined stock management.

TE’s AMPACT connectors use wedge-pressure technology that forces the connector to abrade against conductor surfaces, and an inhibitor then seals the electrical points of contact providing protection from the environment. The resulting corrosion-resistant electrical connection develops and maintains the clamping force on the conductor. The AMPACT “Smart C” is designed to optimize contact loading force and provide effective compensation for thermal expansion and contraction. TE’s AMPACT BAT can be installed with a standard impact driver for gloved or hot stick installations. The mechanical and electrical performance of the AMPACT BAT has been tested to ANSI C-119.4 Class AA standard, as well as short-circuit tested to AS1154.1. 

“For decades, utilities have partnered with TE for their connector needs, knowing they will be using a quality product that will stand the test of time and the elements. We are proud to now release the new AMPACT BAT line of bolted connectors, giving our utility partners more connector options and once again setting the bar for overhead connector performance, all in an installer-friendly application,” says TE Product Manager Justin Opel.


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