Raychem Solder Contacts on One-Piece Design

TE's Raychem brand SolderTacts are solder contacts that have a one-piece design with integrated soldering technology to deliver fast, reliable terminations for circular and rectangular connectors – reducing handling and installation costs.

Eliminate hard-to-handle crimped terminations. SolderTacts contacts provide the optimum amount and type of solder and flux in a prefluxed solder preform that controls soldering and reduces operator sensitivity. They provide simultaneous electrical connection and strain relief with a heat-shrinkable, transparent tubing. SolderTacts contacts versatile design makes them particularly well-suited to military, aerospace and defense equipment applications. 


Product series for SolderTacts


M39029 SolderTacts for MIL-C-38999 Series I, II, III and IV connectors

Reliable one-piece solder contacts: through-connector shielding, reduces cross-talk, and improves signal transmission.
Shielded Contacts,
SolderTacts Shielded One-Piece Solder Contacts


SolderTact Series

Contact Military Specification Wire (AWG) TE SolderTacts Part Number Size Polarity Cable Type
MIS-20067/5-001 24-32 D-602-16 12 S Coaxial
MIS-20067/6-001 24-32 D-602-17 12 P Coaxial

 Other products available for this Mil spec connector.  See page above. 


SolderTact Series

Conact Military Specification Wire (AWG) TE SolderTacts Part Number Size Polarity Cable Type
MIS-20067/2-002 26-32 D-602-44 16 P Coaxial
MIS-20067/1-001 26-32 D-602-45 16 S Coaxial
MIS-20067/4-001 24-30 D-602-54 16 P Twisted pair
MIS-20067/3-001 24-30 D-602-55 16 S Twisted pair
M39029/79 26-32 D-602-72 16 P Coaxial
M39029/80 26-32 D-602-73 16 S Coaxial
M39029/40 26-32 D-602-76 16 P Coaxial
M39029/41 26-32 D-602-77 16 S Coaxial
MIS-20067/2-001, 003 28-32 D-602-0173 16 S Coaxial
MIS20067/8-001 16-20 D-610-09 16 P Power
MIS-20067/7-001 16-20 D-610-10 16 S Power

Other product available for ths Mil spec connector.  See page above. 

MIL-C-38999 Series I, II, III, IV

SolderTact Series

Contact Military Specification US Air Force Drawing  Wire (AWG) TE SolderTacts Part Number Size Polarity Cable Type
M39029/60   22-24 D-602-0122 8 P Coaxial
M39029/59   22-24 D-602-0123 8 S Coaxial
M39029/76 915304-1 26-30 D-602-0140 16 P Coaxial
M39029/77 915305-1 26-30 D-602-0141 16 S Coaxial
M39029/76 915304-2 26-30 D-602-0142 16 P Twisted Pair
M39029/77 915305-2 26-30 D-602-0143 16 S Twisted Pair
M39029/28 915307-1 24-32 D-602-0144 12 P Coaxial
M39029/75 915308-1 24-32 D-602-0145 12 S Coaxial
M39029/28 915307-3 22-26 D-602-0146 12 P Twisted Pair
M39029/75 915308-3 22-26 D-602-0147 12 S Twisted Pair
M39029/28 915307-2 22, 28 D-602-0150 12 P Coaxial
M39029/75 915308-2 22,28 D-602-0151 12 S Coaxial
  8340712-OS-01 24-26 D-602-1108 8 S Twisted Pair
  8340713-OS-01 24-26 D-602-1109 8 P Twisted Pair
  8340712-OL-01 24-26 D-602-1112 8 S Twisted Pair
  8340713-OL-01 24-26 D-602-1113 8 P Twisted Pair
M39029/90 8912020-OS-01 24-26 DK-602-0156-N-1 8 P Twinaxial
M39029/90 8912020-DL-01 24-26 DK-602-0156-N-2 8 P Twinaxial

Other product availalbe for this Mil spec connector.  See page above.  

Benefits: Shielded Contacts

  • Ease of installation
  • Reduced crosstalk
  • Improved signal transmission
  • Controlled soldering 

Features: Shielded Contacts

  • Prefluxed solder
  • Repairable with minimal wire preparation 

Applications: Shielded Contacts

Cable harnessing and repair for:

  •     Maintenance repair operations (MRO)
  •     Commercial aviation
  •     Military aerospace
  •     Ground defense
  •     Automotive after-market