Seal and protect with molded boots

TE's Raychem heat-shrinkable boots and molded shapes fit the needs of nearly every electrical interconnect design and completes the bridge between sealed cable assemblies and connectors. Our heat shrink molded boots with adhesive coating form a watertight seal, helping protect cable from corrosion and mechanical abuse while providing excellent electrical insulating properties. Molded boots are available in bulbous and slim-line shapes and meet requirements for most mass-transit, military and commercial marine applications.

Product Features:

Specifications for Heat Shrink Boots
  • Self-sealing for waterproofing (sealant coated parts only)
  • Temperature and solvent resistant 
  • Heat shrinkability for range taking
  • Materials are mil-spec qualified
  • Ease of installation
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Mechanical protection
  1. INSTALITE (English)

INSTALITE Molded Boots


Light Weight Molded Boot

Instalite boots are a lighter weight alternative of our -25 heat-shrink boots.  Utilizing our expertise in fluid-resistant, modified elastomers.  We have created semi-rigid, abrasion-resistant boots that are up to 30% lighter than our standard -25 boots.  Instalite boots offer the same balance of high-temperature fluid resistance and long-term heat resistance.  

Part Description Avg Weight Savings
202K121-25L-0 20%
202K132-25L-0 20%
202K142-25L-0 20%
202K153-25L-0 23%
202K163-25L-0 28%
202K174-25L-0 22%
202K185-25L-0 21%

Material Selection Table

Material Number Description Operating Tempature Range
-3 Semi-Rigid Modified Polyolefin -55oC to 135oC
-4 Flexible Polyolefin -55oC to 135oC
-5 Elastomer, Flexible  -70oC to 121oC
-12 Modified Fluroelastomer -55oC to 200oC
-25 Fluid-Resistant Modified Elastomer -75oC to 150o
-50 Fluid-Resistant Modified Elastomer -55oC to 150o
-51 Chemical-Resistant Fluroelastomer -55oC to 135o
-71 Semi-Rigid Modified Polyolefin -55oC to 135o
-100 Low-Fire Hazard Material  -30oC to 105o
-130 Semi-RIgid Modified Polyolefin -20oC to 70o

Harness Systems and Their Components

Components System 10 System 20 System 25 System 30 System 100 System 200 System 300
Tubing Versafit NTFR DR-25 VPB ZHTM RW-200 RT555
Molded Part -3,-4,-71 -51 -25 -50 -100 -12 -55
Adhesive S1017, S1030 S1124, S1048 S1048, S1125 S1030, S1255-04 S1030, S1125 S1125, S1255-04 S1255-04
Precoat /41, /180 /164, 186 /86, /225 N/A /180 N/A N/A

Select Applications

Heat Shrink Boots
  • Cable terminations
  • Factory built harnesses
  • Repairable cable assemblies