Reliable and Durable Bushings and other Heat Shrink Component Accessories

TE's Raychem heat shrink accessories include spacers, bushings, bobbins, grommets, and strain relief devices. They are resistant to hydro-carbon and extreme temperatures, and can help protect cables from P-clamp and saddle clamp chafing and wear. Heat-shrinkable materials make sizing an easy task and makes installation simple. Our Raychem bushings, bobbins, and other heat shrink accessories are ideal finishing touches for harness and electrical assemblies in a variety of environments and applications.

Product Features:

Heat Shrink Accessories
  • Matched to circuit operating environment
  • Adds service life to circuits
  • Reinstates original performance 
  • Vibration dampening 
  • Heat-shrinkable
  • Fluid resistance
  • Temperature-resistant 
  • Easy installation

Side Entry Bushing (SEB)

Part Numbers

Pre-coiled side entry reusable silicone bushing designed to be used in high temperature applications where tape or other molded grommets are used.  One strip of this Side Entry Bushing replaces as much as 6 feet and 40 wraps of traditional tapes.  The material is crosslinked and thermoformed to naturally conform to the tight bundle configuration of its application.  The standard Side Entry Bushing has no adhesive layer, so it is easily removed and can be re-used often after repairs have been made. 


Part Description Part Number Length inches - Uncoiled
SEB-A CS9490-000 1.00  
SEB-B CS9491-000 2.00
SEB-C CS9492-000 3.00
SEB-D CS9493-000 4.00
SEB-E CS9494-000 6.00
SEB-F CS9495-000 9.00

Operating Tempature: -75oC to 180oC

Heat-Shrink Bobbins

202W302 to 342

Heat-Shrink bobbins provide excellent location, cushioning and protection of cable or hoses from P clips and wire ties.  

Available Materials 

Material Material Description Precoat Adhesive
-3 Polyolefin, Semi-Rigid /42 or /86 S1017 or S1048
-4 Polyolefin, Flexible /42 or /86 S1017 or S1048
-12 Fluroelastomer N/A S1255-04
-25 Fluid Resistant Elastomer /86 or /225 S1017 or S1048 or S1125
-130 Flexible Polyolefin /42 or /86 S1017

Square expansion = -130 material 

Circular expansion = -3, -4, 12 and -25 materials 

Heat-Shrink Positioning Ring


Heat-Shrink Positioning Ring fits range of diameters due to high expansion.  Provides good mechanical, thermal and chemical properties.  The ring keeps the hoses/pipes together, optimizing space.

Material Material Description Precoat Adhesive
-3 Polyolefin, Semi-Rigid /42 or /86 S1017 or S1048
-4 Polyolefin, Flexible /42 or /86 S1017 or S1048
-25 Elastomer, Fluid Resistant /86 or /225 S1017 or S1048
-100 Polyolefin, Zerohal N/A S1030
-130 Flexible Polyolefin /42 or /86 S1017

Triangle expansion = - 130 material 

Circular expansion = -3, -4, -25 and -100 materials

Select Applications:

Heat Shrink Accesories
  • Wire bundle protection
  • Wire spacing 
  • Vibration dampening