Thermoset Adhesives for High Temperature Protection

Thermal epoxies, also known as thermoset adhesives, is available in either curable two-part systems or in one-part tape form to match your need of harness construction. TE's Raychem thermal epoxy is manufactured to seal molded parts for excellent high temperature protection against debris condensation, moisture, and fluids.

Product Features:

  • High temperature thermoset materials from 135°C to 200°C
  • Compatible with Raychem material systems 25, 200 and 300
  • Two-part epoxies available in several kit forms
  • Available in for shop application in convenient kit or tape form to match the need of harness construction; accelerated in curing time by using standard shop oven. 


Maximum operating temperature for S1255-04


Also known as a thermoset

A high performance adhesive developed to match the superior chemical and heat resistance properties of DR-25 heat-shrinkable tubing and -25 heat-shrinkable molded parts.
Raychem Chemical and Heat-Resistant Adhesive,

Raychem Adhesive Spec Chart


Product Type Precoat Product Description Temperature Range Available Form/Packaging
S1006 N/A Epoxy/polyamide two-part paste General purpose harnessing adhesive.  Not used on fluroelastomers, silicone or PVDF.  -55°C to 135°C Syringe or packs
S1009 N/A Epoxy/polymercaptan two-part paste General purpose harnessing adhesive.  Not used on fluroelastomers of silicone.  -55°C to 135°C Syringe or packs
S1255-04 N/A One-part epoxy tape adhesive One-part epoxy tape used with fluroelastomer harness systems -55°C to 200°C Tape
S1125 N/A Epoxy/polyamide two-part paste Good fluid-resistant expoxy used with System 25 -55°C to 150°C Syringe or packs
S1264 N/A Epoxy/polyamide two-part paste Tested to NBC requrements -55°C to 150°C Syringe or pack
  /225 Precoated epoxy Precoated epoxy system for System 25 -75°C to 150°C Precoat only on -25 molded parts

Harness Systems and their Components

Components System 10 System 20 System 25 System 30 System 100 System 200 System 300
Molded Part -3,- 4, -71 -51 -25 -50 -100 -12 -55
Adhesive S017, S1030 S1124, S1048 S1048, S1125 S1125, S1255-04 S1030, S1125 S1125, S1255 S1255-04
Precoat /42, /180 /164, /86 /86, /225 N/A /180 N/A N/A

Substrate Preparation

Notes and Caution
  • Avoid contamination of the prepared surface. If using primer, apply it according to the manufacturer's instructions and allow it to dry.
  • Epoxy adhesives may cause skin and eye irritation. Be sure to observe the handling instructions.
  • When using hot melt adhesives on substrates with high heat sink capacity (such as connector backshells), preheat the substrate until it is hot to touch, then apply the adhesive tape and shrink the molded part in place.
  • The use of cleaning solvent is described in the preparation of various components for adhesive bonding. Please observe the solvent manufacturer’s safety recommendations. 
  • Several Raychem epoxy adhesives and solvent base primers are also described in some cases. 
  • For specific handling precautions, please consult the appropriate Raychem material safety data sheet for the adhesive being used.

Select Applications:

  • Potting 
  • Building sealing harness and repairs 
  • Aluminum alloy adapters and connector end fittings
  • Polyolefin tubing
  • Heat-shrink tubing 
  • Raychem Convolex and HCTE convoluted tubing
  • Cable Jackets




Raychem brand S1009 adhesive is a two-part modified epoxy that provides an environmental seal that is flexible, watertight, low out-gassing and permanent in a variety of applications, including space equipment and vehicles. S1009 adhesive also bonds well to PVC tubing.


S1006 flexible high-viscosity, two-part polyamide epoxy is supplied in a bi-pack to ensure correct maxing. S1006 consists of a pale yellow epoxy resin and an amber polyamide hardener.