NTC Thermistor Probes

TE Connectivity (TE) manufactures NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistor probes for a variety of applications and industries. Our NTC probes are available for surface, air-gas, HVACR, liquid and patient monitoring applications and are configured with a variety of housings and styles in standard and custom designs.

Product Features:

  • Product styles suitable for many applications
  • ISO 13485 medical probes and assemblies
  • AS9100 aerospace assemblies
  • ATEX explosion-proof assemblies
  • UL rated assemblies for HVAC/R applications
  • Standard tubular, ring lug, and clip-on designs
  • Custom and standard machined metal housings available in brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and exotic alloys
  • Plastic over-molding options
  • Available in temperature ranges from -80ºC to +300ºC
  • Global engineering support for custom design solutions

Designed for fast, accurate temperature monitoring, our NTC probe provides high voltage isolation up to 4000VAC, and insulation resistance that is ideal for applications including electric vehicle systems, generators, and high voltage motors. This NTC probe has meets reliability requirements for high temperature storage and temperature cycling testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast do NTCs respond?

A: Response time is defined as the time it takes to reach 62% or a new temperature, and is a function of mass. The smaller the sensor the faster the response. A discrete sensor will respond faster than the same sensor packaged inside a metal housing. Typical response times for a Series I NTC thermistor sensor is <15 seconds.


Q: Are NTCs available in a smaller size?

A: Typical size for an epoxy coated discrete in an OD of 0.95" Max.  Miniature glass sensors have a max. OD of 0.15".


Q: How stable are NTC sensors?

A: Different sensor famalies have different stabilaty ratings.  Epoxy coated NTCs are less stable than a hermeticlly sealed glass NTC sensors.


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