Push Button Switches

Change current with the push of a button

TE offers a wide range of push button switches, from standard push button switches to IP-rated switches. Our push button switches are available in multiple mounting options and housing sizes. These non-latching devices can be customized with different LED and actuator styles.

Often called a momentary switch, a push button switch causes a temporary change in an electrical circuit only while the switch is physically pushed. A spring returns the switch to its original position immediately afterwards. The button is typically made of plastic or metal and may be flat-surfaced or contoured to the finger or hand.  Examples of push button switches include doorbells, calculator buttons, keys on a keyboard, refrigerator light switches, and alarm switches in fail-safe circuits. Many times, push buttons switches are colored to lower the chance of people mistakenly pushing the wrong button. Common push button switch applications include security systems, industrial manufacturing, A/V equipment, avionics, test and measurement equipment, fitness equipment, and casino games.