Control current or voltage

A variable resistor does not have fixed resistance value but can change its resistance, either manually or in response to the environment around it. Variable resistors are crucial for applications across industries and environments. We offer a wide range of variable resistor types, including potentiometers, trimmer potentiometers, and thermistors.

Variable resistors can be altered to control either the current or voltage of a circuit.  Common types include potentiometers that are operator controlled and thermistors that change resistance according to temperature. Potentiometers are used in a variety of applications – from audio equipment to lighting controls, when the need is to fine-tune electrical circuits where precision is required. Thermistors are designed to protect against from extremes of temperature; these can be found in automotive, household and industrial applications. Whether altered manually by the operator or controlled by external conditions, the variable resistor has a key role to play in a huge number of industries and environments.