Designed to Promote Heat Loss and Cooling

We offer chassis mount resistors in 10 different power ratings, ranging from 5W to 300W. Our chassis mount resistors can be customized to meet different pulse energy ratings and/or methods of connection to the customer’s equipment.

A chassis mount resistor is manufactured using wirewound resistor technology and features a ceramic core that is molded into an extruded aluminum chassis mount housing.  The wirewound design maximizes pulse handling and the aluminum housing allows for superior heat conduction. Our chassis mount resistors are engineered for a variety of applications, including motor control, braking systems, welding, and X-rays.

Aluminium Housed Resistor - CJB Series

TE Connectivity (TE) introduces its multiple mount option equipped wirewound resistor, the CJB Series. Manufactured with aluminium sections and with virtually no need for additional heatsinking, this resistor can be used in applications where space is limited. These resistors are designed to absorb high power overloads which makes them suitable for braking applications. This high impulse absorption capability also makes them a good choice for a range of power electronic circuits including frequency convertors, servo drives, and robotic controls. The performance of this resistor is greatly improved with forced air cooling.


Aluminium Housed Resistor - CJB Series
  • High power overload absorption capability ensuring higher reliability
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Good for limited space applications making it compatible
    for broader use