One heavy duty printer for TE Identification products

TE’s T3212 and T3224 robust thermal transfer printers can work around the clock in industrial surroundings, producing high-definition (300 or 600dpi) print on various types of TE products.

The T3212 and T3224 are robust industrial computer-driven 300 or 600 dpi thermal transfer printers. They have been specially designed to print on a wide range of TE Connectivity (TE) labels, cable markers, and identification marker sleeves. They have a full-color touch screen interface, with intuitive icon-based setting adjustments. Various preloaded tutorials answer commonly-asked questions without the unit having to connect to the internet. If however an internet connection is required for your application, this can be done wirelessly via a local Wi-Fi network, or via cable: the printers are equipped with USB, Ethernet and serial ports. Labels or ribbons can also be loaded quickly and easily. “Smart” print heads have built-in memory to facilitate the maintenance program. This includes the tracking of prints and the printing temperature.


  • Office environment
  • Industrial environment


  • One heavy duty printer for TE Identifications products, in 300 DPI or 600 DPI for ultra-sharp printing.
  • Side loading of product (not just labels) result in a faster and easier setup time.
  • Intuitive, icon-based printer setting adjustments and integrated help videos.
  • Multiple connectivity options (hard wire and WiFi).