Meet Glow Wire requirements

Several connector housing and header styles and configurations are available in a special Glow Wire compatible material. Included are wire-to-wire solutions in panel mount, free hanging, and wire-to-board connectors in vertical or right angle options with different centerline spacing and current ratings available. Additional design configurations include circular, flanged, sealed, and colored housings to provide a solution for nearly every application in household appliances, such as electric motors, reliable heating, and cooling elements. Glow Wire is a test required by IEC/EN 60335-1 5th Edition: Household and Similar Appliances – Safety. This standard became a requirement in 2001 for home appliance devices sold in Europe. Therefore, it is of primary relevance in this region, but Asia Pacific and American companies also need to comply to serve global appliance manufacturers.

Product Features

Glow Wire Capable Connectors
  • Glow Wire Ignition Test (GWIT) of at least 775°C
  • Requires tests to be conducted on three material plates in order to satisfy the IEC 60335-1 5th Edition 
  • Glow Wire Flammability Index (GWFI) of at least 850°C and GWT NF tested
  • Reduces time and expense associated with end product testing on molded parts
  • Offered in V2 and/or V0 Glow Wire material capable
  • An adaptable and versatile product line that can be used in a large range of applications

Glow Wire Testing (GWT)

Our Glow Wire products comply with industry requirements. We evaluate product performance through severe tests and meet the specifications of the IEC Glow Wire Test on material flammability and fire resistance. The test can be done on end products, raw material test plates, products that are used by a person, or products that work on their own. 

5mm Power Key Connectors
5mm Power Key connectors optimize power circuits of home appliances.
Economy Power Connectors
Economy power connector are suited for board power delivery when space is limited.
VAL-U-LOK Connectors
VAL-U-LOK connectors offer wire-to-wire, wire-to-panel, and wire-to-board configurations.
Universal MATE-N-LOK Connectors
Universal MATE-N-LOK connectors offers circular, flanged, bulkhead, sealed, and colored housings.
Power Triple Lock Connectors
Power Triple Lock connectors offer three-in-one locking, various color, material, and keying options and ratings to 20A.
Single Double Lock Connectors
Single double lock connectors support positive loading of contacts in the housing and prevent contacts from being mated halfway.
Power Double Lock Connectors
Power double lock connectors consist of plug and cap housings for wire termination, optional double lock plates, crimp contacts, and PC board pin headers.
TE Connectivity is committed toward providing a range of products to help appliance customers meet the flammability requirements of IEC 60335-1.
Glow Wire Capable Connectors,
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Additional Applications

Fans and hoods

Microwave ovens

Water heaters and boilers

Vending machines