Engineered for Speed and Durability

C-form factor pluggable (CFP) interconnects are 40 to 100+ Gbps input/output (I/O) connectors for high speed transfer of Ethernet and other protocols in high-performance applications like carrier networks, data centers, and wireless equipment. TE's latest CFP2 and CFP4 interconnects transfer data 2.8 times faster than current CFP products, achieving 28 Gbps per lane for >100 Gbps in a high density, 0.6mm contact pitch. TE’s CFP2 and CFP4 connectors provide industry-leading signal integrity and feature a ruggedized cage construction for a more robust solution than the competition, helping ensure reliable connections.

Product Features

  • Up to 28 Gbps per lane – 2.8 times faster than current CFP products
  • High density, 0.6mm contact pitch
  • Provides one of the industry’s leading Signal Integrity (SI) performance for 28 Gbps per lane
  • Features a ruggedized cage construction for a more robust solution to help mitigate cage warping 
  • Flexible design options to address your needs including ganged cages, heat sinks, single-sided and belly-to-belly mounting styles, lightpipes, and the capability to support mid- to long-reach applications

Product Features

  • Supports 40G and 100G Ethernet CFP optical transceivers
  • Capable of side by side mounting as well as “belly to belly” mounting
  • Provides full EMI shielding
  • Uses a universal rail for both left and right positions
  • Allows integration of host PCB to host bezel (face plate) by either of two methods for manufacturing flexibility.

Select Applications

  • Carrier networks and data centers
  • Multi-building data center connectivity
  • Servers, switches, storage area network, and optical transport equipment
  • Metro area networks
  • Mid-reach to long-reach, high capacity links
  1. CFP Compliant Connectors and Components (English)

TE’s CFP form factor pluggable series of connectors are pluggable I/O interfaces designed to support high-speed and high-bandwidth communications with reliable connections in mid- to long-reach applications such as carrier networks, data center interconnections, metro area networks and optical transport equipment.

CFP Components
CFP Components
CFP2 Receptacle
CFP2 Receptacle


100G Platform Evolution

Size (width) 82mm 41.5mm 21.7mm
Number of Contacts 148 104 56
Contact Pitch 0.8mm 0.6mm 0.6mm
Max Power Consumption per Module 8-32 W 3-18 W 1.5-9 W
Aggregate Data Rate per 19" Linecard 400Gbps 800Gbps 1.6Tbps
Electrical Configuration 10x10Gbps

Variants SR10, LR4, ER4 SR10, LR4, ER4 SR4, LR4, CWDM4
Optical Media Types MM/SM MM/SM MM/SM