Street lighting in an urban tunnel

Reliably control street lighting

Photocontrols are an effective solution for automating outdoor lighting for reliable visibility, safety, and aesthetics. On roadways, this means lights help also reduce the risk of nighttime accidents. In cities, streetlights can help discourage crime and increase pedestrian visibility.

Outdoor lighting in residential areas helps increase the appeal and security of parks, shopping areas, parking lots, and common spaces such as public walkways, residential streets, and around apartment buildings.  Around manufacturing facilities and warehouses, outdoor area lighting helps to prevent accidents by improving the visibility of people, equipment, and envinronmental objects.  


Toda's outdoor lighting systems are increasingly designed for connected solutions with smart cities in mind. These systems typically involve integrating wireless communication with LED lights and dimming controls. To define these advances, engineers have had to update standards around a grand vision for the future state of automated lighting. 


However, there are locations in some regions where light dimming is prohibited, such as on roadways as well as in less populated areas. In these cases, updating luminaires may prove to be too costly compared to the benefits gained from an upgrade. When the best option is dimmable light fixture options, it is a good idea to perform a thorough risk analysis to identify potentials for hazards caused by reduced lighting power and maintain security.


Informed by our 50 years experience designing robust controls for lighting systems in communities around the world, we have developed the LUMAWISE ALR photocontrols to automate luminaire operation for a wide variety of on/off applications. Most applications are covered by our LUMAWISE ALR 7000 series, 8000 series, and AA series photocontrols.

Both our 7000 series and 8000 series controls feature a universal, three-pole, locking connection compatible with all NEMA/ANSI C136.10 receptacles. Using a rotatable receptacle allows the photocell aperture to be uniformly oriented, typically facing north, so light fixtures are powered just before sunset and turned off after sunrise. The interlocking base/cap design, common to both controls, is manufactured from UV stabilized materials rated for high temperatures. These products are constructed to endure the harsh environments required by road lighting, protecting electric components from dust, rain, ice, and snow. These utilize an IR filtered sensor, responding to light changes with sensitivity that mimics the human eye. In addition, this filtering provides consistent light sensing, (significantly) reducing sensor drift for the life of the control. Voltage ratings from 105 – 305 VAC at 50/60 Hz allow this control to be applied to a wide range of applications.

LUMAWISE ALR 7000 series

The LUMAWISE ALR 7000 series control is a cost-effective, utility-grade photocontrol for luminaires with more frequent maintenance schedules. With an expected life of 8-10 years, this control can outlast most incandescent, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. Rated for loads up to 1000 watts and temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to 65°C (149°F) this robust control exceeds 20,000 on/off cycles required for ANSI C136.10 certification. The 7000 series incorporates a 20mm metal oxide varistor (MOV) rated at 15,000 A, 480 Joules for surge protection.


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LUMAWISE ALR 8000 series

The 8000 series was designed to endure road lighting environments for over 20 years, matching the long-life expectancy of today’s LED lamps. In our designs, we have eliminated electrolytic capacitors, effectively doubling the rated life of this control compared to the ALR 7000 Series. Components like the double-sided FR4 circuit boards are designed for robust, low maintenance operation for the life of the control.


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LUMAWISE ALR series photocontrols
Our LUMAWISE ALR series photocontrols are engineered for reliable performance under harsh conditions, including dust, rain, ice, and snow.

LUMAWISE Open Caps & Shorting Caps

Durable, weather resistant LUMAWISE ALR open caps and shorting caps provide IP54 rated environmental protection for photocontrol receptacles in outdoor luminaires. Our LUMAWISE Endurance N shorting and open caps deliver IP66 rated protection if a fully dust-proof seal is required that provides for enhanced protection against water jet.


Our shorting caps keep the light fixture safely energized prior to photocontrol installation or for maintenance purposes. If lighting is no longer required or must be suspended, an open cap may be installed, disconnecting it from electrical service. Our LUMAWISE ALR MC-10 models incorporate surge protection without additional wiring or components.


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Our LUMAWISE ALR AA Series is a wire-in, button-style photocontrol for integration into light posts, outdoor wall sconces, or ground mounted light fixtures. The compact, low-profile design makes this control well-suited for incorporating into decorative luminaires and specialized commercial or industrial light fixtures. The wire-in design provides versatility, allowing the control to be installed in a tight location with wires positioned for easy access.

The high-impact, UV-stabilized, polycarbonate housing makes this control tough and resistant to environmental infiltration. Models (105M/1068M) equipped with MOV surge protection can be applied where frequent voltage surges are an issue. For HID light fixtures, where temperatures are higher, a high ambient temperature version (105HA) is available. This model includes insulation and a heat sink to absorb excess heat extending the useful life of the control.


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