Trainline wire connections for control and communications

The MU27P Series is designed to the Amtrak* wire configuration standard and complies with standards AAR-S-512: Locomotives and locomotive interchange equipment and APTA-PR-E-RP-019-99: Recommended Practice for 27-Point Jumper and Receptacle Hardware for Locomotives and Locomotive-hauled equipment.

The MU (multiple unit) connectors include a 27 pin receptacle and plug, "dummy" receptacle and cover that are used to convey the locomotive functions between units. Designed to accept three 10 AWG leads with all other leads being 12 AWG or 14 AWG allows the connectors to be completely interchangeable and intermateable with other brands adhering to the AAR-S-512 specification, and are key in preventing intermating of different wiring configurations.


  • Compliant to AAR-S-512 and APTA PR-E-RP-017-099 standard


  • Aluminum shell with automatic push pull coupling system
  • Arrangement: 27 poles
  • 10, 12 or 14 AWG wire
  • Mechanical coding
  • 5 colour codes to prevent intermating of any other 27 pole jumpers

Main Characteristics

  • Rated current: 30 A
  • Service voltage: 600 V DC
  • Salt spray resistance: 250 hours
  • Temperature range: -40oC / +110oC