CMC - Circular signal connectors with screw locking system

The CMC Series is the solution for signal dynamic connectivity with a flexible modular design, various shell sizes up to 61 poles with screw locking system.

Designed according to the NFF61030 standard and based on 6 shell sizes and more than 20 arrangements, CMC Series will answer to all high dynamic, single or multicore cable applications. A field proven solution from metro to high speed train for very harsh environments. Available in for cables sizes from 0.5mm2 to 95mm2, the CMC series is adapted for all signal intervehicle and cross panel applications.


  • According to NFF 61030
  • High dynamic applications
  • Ruggedized hybrid: signal/optic/data connector
  • Field-proven solution from metro to high speed train


  • Aluminum or bronze connector with screw locking
  • From 4 to 61 crimp contacts over 6 shells and 22 configurations
  • Crimp solid contacts, coax twinax, quadrax cell or optical
  • EMI/RFI shielding protection

Main Characteristics

  • Rated current: from 15 to 250 A
  • Service voltage: up to 500 V
  • Withstand voltage: 2550 V or 3250 V
  • Protection index: IP66
  • Salt  spray resistance: 96 hours or 500 hours
  • Temperature range: -50oC / +100oC
  • Vibrations and shocks: EN61373 category 1B


  • Inter-Vehicle
  • Traction Power
  • Train Control
  • Sub Systems


  • Propulsion & Braking
  • Auxiliary Power Supply
  • Inter-Vehicle


  • NFF 61030
  • DIN 5510
  • UNICEI 11170
  • UL94