Super and Affordable Video Connection

S-video signals are generally connected with four-pin mini-DIN connectors, using a 75 ohm termination impedance. Apart from the impedance requirement, these cables are equivalent to regular mini-DIN cables, and can be used for S-video transfer. S-video cables are inexpensive compared to component or digital connector cables, due to their wide use for DVD players, and are routinely available where the higher bandwidth cables are not. The separating functions of S-video connectors offer sharper viewing and almost all TV-out connectors on graphics cards are S-video, even in Europe. This technology produces sharper images than composite video, which is transmitted as a single signal over one wire.

Product Features:

S-Video Connectors
  • Joined using four-pin mini-DIN connectors
  • Offers 75 ohm termination impedance
  • Affordable and available Y/C (brightness/color) connectors