When Performance Matters

TE's Phoenix Optix copper and fiber optic patch cords are built to exceed industry standards for improved network performance and unparalleled reliability

Our attention to detail enables your network to deliver reliable high-bandwidth performance. Manufactured in our Rhode Island facility, TE's Phoenix Optix line of copper and fiber optic patch cords are built to exceed all industry standards for insertion loss, return loss, and endface geometry. Each cable is factory terminated and tested, helping ensure maximum performance and reliability every time. 

100 % Customizable

Connectors Cable Options Jacket Options
LC, LC-HD, Mini-LC 2mm/3mm Zip Cord Riser Rated
Uniboot LC, Reversible Polarity LC 900um Tight Buffer Plenum Rated
SC, FC, ST, MT-RJ Indoor/Outdoor LSZH
LC/APC, SC/APC, FC/APC Micro-Armored  
IP-Rated LC, IP-Rated SC Tactical Fiber  
Flex Boot SC
Flex Boot
LC-HD with Pull Tab
LC-HD with Pull Tab
Copper Patch Cords
CAT5E/CAT6/CAT6A Patch Cords
IP-68 Rated LC

Built for Maximum Performance

Connector Type Insertion Loss - Per Connector Return Loss
LC/SC/ST/FC SM UPC <0.25dB <-57dB
LC/SC/ST/FC SM APC <0.25dB <-65dB