NECTOR Cable Assemblies

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The NECTOR S line cable assembly system is a small power to luminaire cable assembly system designed to meet the lighting industry need for a compact easy to install interconnect solution.

Easy-to-install lighting solutions. The TE NECTOR S line connector is designed according the IEC 60320 and UL 1977 standard for lighting industry applications, where size and easy interconnection are key requirements. It is installable in small fixtures into furniture, ceiling, wall, and floors. Applicable in power connection and coupling between lamps such as lighting wiring in offices; kitchen, bathroom, shop and household furniture; display cabinets, and mountable lighting.

Features: NECTOR S

Compact Design
  • 7.5mm Outer Plug diameter to fit into 8mm furniture holes
  • Connector system available in wire to wire configuration.
  • Outlet and plug assemblies with two contact positions.
  • Use widly known MQS contacts
  • 6 Way Power Distributors with additional switch feature.

Applications: NECTOR S

Lighting Systems for Commercial and Residential

Lighting wiring in:

  • Office
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Shop furniture, or household, mountable lighting.