Development Partner for Future Generation Cable Assemblies

We are one of only two Intel-qualified suppliers offering these first generation cable assemblies (Intel OPA 100 Series) required for OPA and are also a development partner for future generation cable assembly designs for CPU processors with Intel. ChipConnect cable assemblies reduce system design costs by eliminating the need to use costlier, lower-loss PCB materials and re-timers. With the reduction of the complexity of PCB laminates and routing from these interconnects, system design is made much easier.

Product Features:

Specifications for ChipConnect Cable Assemblies
  • Cables provide 4x and 8x high speed data transmission lanes
  • Straight and right-angle (left/right exit) Linear Edge Connector (LEC) cable plugs to accommodate cable routing
  • LEC receptacle offered in A (LGA 3647 Socket P1) and B (LGA 3647 Socket P0) versions
  • Bail latch with pull tab on LEC plug and spring latching on IFT connector plug provides secure connections
  • Mid-board copper chip-to-I/O interconnect reduces host system board trace lengths and PCB cost
  • Assemblies utilize TE bulk cable 30 AWG 85 Ohm TurboTwin 25 Gbps primary pair cable


ChipConnect Cable Assemblies
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Servers
  • Routers
  • Data Center and Enterprise Networks
Intel Omni-Path Internal Faceplateto- Processor (IFP) Plug - mates to IFT connector
Intel Omni-Path Internal Faceplateto-Processor (IFP) Plug - mates to IFT connector
Linear Card Edge (LEC) Receptacle - mates to LGA 3647 socket
Linear Edge Connector (LEC) Receptacle – mates to Intel processor
ChipConnect Cable Assembly
Full Application for OPA featuring processor with LGA 3647 socket, ChipConnect cable assembly, IFT connectors and QSFP28 cable assemblies