Sliver, SlimSAS, SlimSAS LP & MCIO Cable Assemblies

Sliver, SlimSAS, SlimSAS LP & MCIO Cable Assemblies

Our portfolio of internal cabled interconnects includes Sliver, SlimSAS, SlimSAS Low Profile (LP), and Mini Cool Edge IO (MCIO) cable assemblies. These products can provide high performing channels with the added flexibility of where/how to use signals in your system. Sliver products, including the versions for SFF-TA-1002, can be used across many applications, data rates and protocols including PCI Express, SAS and Ethernet. SlimSAS and SlimSAS LP solutions provide PCIe Gen 4 cable capability. MCIO supports PCIe Gen 5​.

Sliver Pull Tab Cable Assemblies for SFF-TA-1002 Receptacles

In addition to the current Sliver push button cable assemblies, TE introduces Sliver pull tab cable assemblies which are interoperable with SFF-TA-1002 standard receptacles and can meet PCIe Gen 5 signal integrity requirement. Through these new products, 168p EMI shielded, PCle CEM and OCP NIC port extender cable assembly solutions can be offered for high-speed and high density data communication.


Key Features

  • Data rates: up to 32G NRZ with a roadmap to 56G NRZ (112G PAM-4)
  • Configurations: available in 1C, 2C and 4C configurations
  • Positions: available in 56, 84 and 140 positions 

Key Benefits

  • Optimized design enables easier unlatch
  • Robust mating interface allows blind mating
  • Can support high speed and density applications
  • Outstanding signal integrity performance to address PCle Gen 5

Featured applications