Robust and Advanced

We deliver efficient and stable transmission cylinder wiring harness solutions to help confirm reliable transmission of data, power and signals in a complex and harsh environment. Anti-vibration, anti-interference, anti-noise, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-oil and water and stable performance are our targets. Our reliable sensor and connector products provide strong support for transmission wiring harness solutions.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Wide through-wall connector portofolio
  • Rich application knowledge


Through wall cable

Through-Wall Cable

Our robust and advanced through-wall cable solutions for transmissions offer a highly dynamic temperature range and high vibration load to ensure the stable run and meet cleanliness requirements. Safe and reliable communication - our transmission through-wall cable solutions provides an integrated option that include connectors, sensors, and cable assemblies.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Inside transmission sensors, solenoid’s signal 
  • Transmission fluid resistance 
  • Sealing protection 
  • High vibration level up to 50G 
  • Cleanliness requirement 
  • Up to T4/T5 with channel protection (working temperature -40℃+150 ℃)