Efficient and Stable

We offer both standard and individually tailored engine wiring harness products and solutions. Our efficient and stable solutions include cylinder inside, cylinder outside and after treatment harnesses. These products have proven themselves in a variety of engines in truck, bus, construction and agriculture, mining, marine and power generation applications in harsh environments.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Establish a reasonable, lumped channel for the electrical system
  • Integrated design solutions for limited engine space
  • Designed to withstand the harshest and most challenging environments
  • High TE terminals and connector content


Through wall cable

Through-Wall Cable

Our through-wall cable solutions for engines offer a highly dynamic temperature range and substantial vibration load to ensure the stable run. Using our high-quality connectors and terminals, they can be applied to 3 cylinders, 4 cylinders, 6 cylinders and a variety of other applications. 


Key Features & Benefits:


  • Meet the rigorous oil tight demands of off-road, heavy duty industrial and agricultural applications
  • Various flexible mounting type
  • Engine oil resistance
  • High vibration level:
      Random Vibration 17.7G(10-2000Hz)
      Sinusoidal Vibration 12G(10-2000Hz)
      Mechanical Shock up to 50G
  • Operating at temperatures -40℃ to +130℃
  • Degree of protection: IP67/IP69K for through-wall connector
  • Oil tightness: No leakage at combined vibration and temperature cycling with oil influence and over pressure; long term oil resistance (2000 h at 130°C)
Engine cable

Engine Cable

Our engine cables solutions for engines feature high product stability and rugged reliability to meet engine signal requirements. Using high standard TE connector and sensors, all covered with corrugated pipe, we deliver the solutions for complex and harsh engine environments.


Key Feature & Benefits:

  • Stable and reliable performance in rigorous environment of off-road, heavy duty industrial and agricultural applications (Europe VI ECU 336P)
  • Various though wall connector with reliable oil tightness (2P/4P/16P/24P)
  • 55E ETFE wire provide oil resistance and high operating temperature (-40℃~+200 ℃) in special area
  • Various protection solution (Unslit corrugated pipe/Foaming/Braid/DR Tube)
  • Connector sealing protection: IP67/IP69K
  • High vibration (94H for each plane per ISO 16750-3)
  • Working temperature: -40℃~+125 ℃
  • Professional cable development software enables quick response to detailed manufacturing requests
After treatment cable

After-Treatment Cable

We offer integrated after-treatment cable solutions for engines. Take advantage of our customized design support and our solutions will enable you to meet NS IV/V/VI Standards.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Sealing Protection IPX9K & IPX7 
  • Anti-siphon design
  • Can communication design
  • Euro V and Euro VI  design
  • High Vibration 
  • High temperature   

  (Working temperature -40℃-125℃ and more with Protection )