Cylinder Head Wiring

Turnkey engineering solutions. TE offers a full-range of cable products and pass-through connectors for cylinder head wiring that deliver highly integrated systems in harsh environment applications.

Cylinder head wiring solutions for harsh environments. TE develops cylinder head wiring for heavy-duty diesel engines with cable channels and pass-through connectors. Cylinder head wiring assemblies are designed to withstand a highly dynamic temperature range and substantial vibration load by the engine. The cable assemblies have proven themselves in a variety of engines in truck applications under harsh environment applications.

Applications: Cylinder Head Wiring

For Engines and Motors
  • Heavy-duty diesel motors
  • Common rail engines
  • Pump nozzle engines
  • Harness system undervalve cover for injector
  • Sensor to cylinder head exit connection

Key Features

Cylinder Head Wiring Solutions
  • Oil tight pass-through connectors range based on different interfaces
  • Connectors accept multiple terminals including circular or flat, stamped and formed or screw machine terminals
  • Leakage check on the interface connector
  • Polarization, mechanical, color coded keying options
  • Ring tongue solutions for injector terminations
  • Captured screw designs for cable channel fixation
  • Cable protection solutions
  • High temperature wires
  • Push back test of terminal
  • Integrated secondary locking device delivered in pre-locked position
  • Capability for fully tested design according to OEM specifications
  • 100% tested harness with electrical end of line check
  • Cleanliness requirements according to OEM specifications
  • Cable support channel design


Cylinder Head Wiring Solutions

Amount of Positions: 2-24 pos.
Operating temperature:  -40° C to 140° C
Mating Force: max. 10 N (2 pos.) / 0.6-3 Nm (6-24 pos.)
Mating Cycles: max. 50 /  (silver plated terminals)
Vibration: ISO 16750-3, Test VI
Withstanding Voltage: max. 36 VDC (at sea level)
Insulation Resistance: > 107 Ω (at 500 VDC)

Cost competitive solutions. The combination of cable support channels, high temperature wires and oil tight connectors not only helps customers have a high performance customized solution with lower costs, but also supports the reduction of the total installed cost of a cylinder head wiring. Oil tight connectors enable installation cost reduction, reliable sealing and connection by accepting non-oil blocking, high temperature wires up to 200° C. The support channel simplifies installation, avoids additional cable ties and fixation. The self-finding guides for the injector reduce significant handling time, avoid mismatching of ring terminals and make motor installation easy and cost effective.