Custom Copper Cable Assemblies

Customer specific designs. TE provides cost effective and reliable discrete custom copper cable assemblies, utilizing proven components for multiple vehicle applications.

Apply Within. TE's cable assembly offering, coupled with early design development and technical support for complete product and process, allows TE to provide a cost-effective and reliable copper cable assembly for a multitude of vehicle applications. The cable assemblies are designed for the application and termination with in-house tooling for high/low volume production. Typical application areas include seats, mirrors, doors, gear boxes, steering, headlamp, cylinder head, power distribution, sensor harnessing, HVAC and safety systems, over-molded cable assemblies, and Xenon/GDL cable assemblies.


Custom Design, Low and High Volumes
  • Assemblies available for high and low volumes
  • Customer specific design
  • Using TE crimp and contact technology, similar to MQS, Junior Power Timer (JPT), MULTILOCK.
  • Terminated with in-house TE application tooling
  • Optimized supply chain for complete production process