Fully Insulated FASTON Receptacles and Tabs

Fully Insulated FASTON Receptacles & Tabs

Ultra-Fast fully insulated FASTON receptacles and tabs offer the advantage of a completely protected terminal and a closed barrel wire crimp with comparable electromechanical performance to open barrel “F” crimp FASTON terminals. The user-friendly design combines easy mating with rounded corners. The .187 and .250 series receptacles incorporate a two-stage roll configuration and a cantilever mounted dimple which provides easy insertion and multiple independent points of contact for reduced tab interface resistance. The terminals are offered as straight receptacles, flag receptacles and tabs.

Product Features

Benefits and Specifications
  • Receptacles designed for full mating with a variety of tab styles including those with shoulders
  • Terminate 26-10 AWG solid, fused and stranded wire (Flags terminate stranded wire only)
  • Each assembly’s translucent nylon housing is color-coded to identify wire size
  • Tin plated copper alloy terminals
  • Wire funnel entry assists in termination process
  • Meets UL310 specification for quick connect terminals
  • UL Listed and Recognized for the U.S. and Canada, File No. E66717
  • UL Rated at 105°C
  • Ultra-Fast Plus terminals include the features noted above, and they add an insulation crimp and comply with IEC 380, 601, 950, as well as UL 1950 requirement for a secondary means of insulation fixing.