LIF F-Spring contact FASTON terminal

Low insertion force for easy assembly.

F-Spring contact FASTON terminal meets high quality and safety requirements for many applications. This product offers improved retention, insertion, and contact-stability benefits compared with other solutions on the market. The terminal’s ergonomic features can help manufacturers provide safe and efficient assembly, which in turn results in end-product reliability and customer satisfaction. The F-spring contact FASTON terminal is suitable for large and small appliances, power tools, electric motors, air conditioning, lighting, automotive, high-temperature designs, and many other applications that require long-life interconnections.

Product Features

  • For 6.35 x 0.8mm tabs
  • Low insertion force
  • Small size
  • High current rating (up to 20A)
  • Nickel plated steel


  • Low insertion force of only 35N for easy assembly by line workers
  • Optimum wiping action during contact engagement
  • Small size eases assembly
  • Locking dimple on cantilevered surface maintains contact position
  • High operating temperature for reliability in high-temperature applications

Additional Applications

Power tools

High temperature designs