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Electrical Metering and Instrumentation

For over 130 years the Crompton Instruments product range offers a large range of power measurement and protection for switchgear, panel builders, generator set manufacturers and OEMs across a diverse array of industries from car charging stations, power generation, process control, test and measurement, utility, marine, oil and gas, defence and energy.

Energy Management Optimization

Lower energy consumption, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and consequently reduction of environmental impact are becoming essential for industries. Significant savings can be made on these factors thanks to an optimized energy consumption. TE's Crompton Instruments offers electrical measurement capability in every aspect of power generation through to energy consumption across the industrial supply chain. They help by improving reliability, increasing efficiency by monitoring and controling the electical performances of your facility. The trip relays included into the range are preventing damages to your power assets when the current is deviating from the desired set trip limit.


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Digital Metering
Digital Metering
Analog Instrumentation
Analog Instrumentation
Current Transformers and Shunts
Current Transformers and Shunts

Digital Metering

A Complete Range of Electronic Measurement and Protection Devices

Our range of digital metering includes: 

  • Multi-function metering systems: to measure, display and communicate over 100 parameters. The Integra systems can be integrated into energy management and SCADA systems. Options include pulsed, analogue and RS485 communication protocols, a choice of DIN, DIN-rail and ANSI case-styles and LED or LCD displays.
  • Transducers: to provide measurement, isolation and conversion of electrical parameters into industry standard DC output signals.
  • Energy Meters: to measure and display combined kWh or kVArh with pulsed or analogue output options and selectable CT and VT ratios. Microprocessor controlled circuitry provides up to Class 0.5 accuracy with outputs displayed directly on the instrument monitor or on a computer.
  • Relays: to continuously monitor and protect any electrical parameter within a set point limit.

Analogue Instrumentation

A Broad Range of Analog Instrumentation to Indicate Electrical Parameters

Our traditional range of analog instruments includes:

  • ANSI switchboard meters: to allow class 1 accuracy metering for all rms AC and DC ranges. The rugged design characteristics meet the need of the most demanding environmental applications. UL, CSA approved. 
  • Panel indicators: DIN and ANSI panels meters, with short (90°) and long (240]) scales to measure any electrical parameter. With UL, CSA and marine approvals. 
  • Sealed and ruggedized instruments: to operate efficiently in the most adverse environments where extreme condition of shock, vibration, dirt, humidity and temperature variation are present. They comply with the most stringent industrial, marine and military specifications thanks to their metal cased with bezels and their toughened glass windows.
  • Instruments selector switches: to be mounted on panel. Offering  4 and 7 positions for L-L and L-N voltage or current selection. 


Current Transformers and Shunts

Measurement devices for AC and DC applications

Our Crompton Instrument range also includes:

  • Current transformers: to reduce high primary currents down to a consistent 5- or 1-Amp secondary current. Options include molded case width, busbar and aperture sizes, tape wound, 3-in-1, balanced and split cores, current ratings and various mounting options.
  • Shunts: to provide accurate dc millivolt signal, exactly proportional to the system current, to drive ammeter indicators, overload protection and control devices. This range includes industrial, switchboard, DEF 66-13, DIN, base mounted, tag end, lightweight and panel meter shunts in a variety of formats and configurations.