Terminal Cutters: Process Multiple Terminal Types in One Easy Tool

The TE Terminal Cutter (Part# 2305570-1) is a highly-flexible hand tool that allows operators to remove side-feed, front carrier strip and reeled TE terminals from their carrier strip without damaging the terminal, or leaving sharp burs commonly associated with manual clippers. With just three simple adjustments to accommodate terminal size and carrier strip length, this terminal cutter can process hundreds of different terminal types without the need to buy additional special tooling. Please note that this is a cutting-only tool—crimping tools are sold separately.

  1. Terminal Strip Cutter Hand Tool Video (English)

This short, informative video will demonstrate how to easily separate TE terminals from carrier strips using a unique hand tool. Learn the three simple adjustments needed to handle 100's of different TE terminals with one easy-to-use tool.

Non-Compatible Terminal Types

The TE Terminal Strip Cutter hand tool will not process End-Feed, Center, or Dual Carrier terminal types.