Consistent, High Quality Terminations

Premium CERTI-CRIMP hand tools crimp a broad array of terminals, contacts and special wiring devices from TE. Designed to exacting specifications for consistent, high-quality terminations, a potential service life of over 50,000 cycles is possible, depending on operator care. There are currently seven basic styles of CERTI-CRIMP hand tools to select from—the choice depends on the product being applied.


CERTI-CRIMP Hand tools can last over 50,000 cycles if properly used and maintained.


Interchangeable Die Platform Design

  1. Premium Portable Hand Tool Video (English)

This video informs that the portable tools are categorized into three levels: Premium, Commercial and Service. The higher the grade of the tool, the less operator skill is required to repeatedly meet the specified parameters of the crimp.

  • How to Create a Successful Crimp Video (English)

CERTI-CRIMP Tooling Options

Choose From 7 Basic CERTI-CRIMP Designs

There are currently seven basic styles of CERTI-CRIMP hand tools. The choice depends on the product being applied and/or your preferred method of application. For example, open barrel contacts typically require straight-action die movement to minimize possible rotation during crimping. Or, if your application requires crimping different sizes of terminals, you may prefer using a single tool with a combination of crimping nests rather than two or three separate tools.


Other options include insulation crimp adjustment for different insulation thicknesses; a locator for properly positioning and supporting the terminal or contact in the tool; a wire stop; and color-coding and/or wire size information on the head of the tool or handles.

Straight Action Hand Tool (SAHT)
Direct Action Hand Tool (DAHT)
T-Head Hand Tool (T-HEAD)
Tetra-Crimp Hand Tool (TETRA)
Platform Die Hand Tool (UFHT)
Heavy Head Hand Tool (HHHT)
C-Head Straight Action Hand Tool (CHEAD)