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TE is a leading provider of standard embedded and external antenna solutions that can connect your product in this increasing wireless world. Numerous industries have integrated wireless functionality into their everyday products and services. TE provides advanced antenna solutions for most wireless devices, with many combinations of features that are required. Our antenna designs accommodate many sets of frequency bands for operation on any network – in both regional and global markets – at a competitive price point.

Small Form-Factor WLAN Antennas

TE Connectivity (TE) extends its standard embedded antennas portfolio by introducing new small form-factor WLAN antennas. These smaller size antennas provide reliable performance to address applications where miniaturization is needed. They are available on FPC and PCB. FPC material is thinner, frees up board space, and offers more flexibility in mounting, such as adhering it to the interior of the plastic housing. PCB antennas are very robust and can be surface or through hole mounted, simplifying integration at production. The smaller footprint of these antennas offers significant space savings when needed. They are compatible with multiple wireless protocols, e.g. Bluetooth, WLAN, ZigBee etc., which enables quick time-to-market.

External Antennas

External Antennas

TE's new external antennas offer wide frequency band coverage and stable RF performance. These products are suitable for cellular, Wi-Fi and GNSS applications and address the fast-growing needs for wireless communication which has stricter requirements on wireless traffic, spectral efficiency and broad spectrum options.

Stamped Metal Antennas

Stamped metal antennas

TE has developed a line of low profile, high performance stamped metal embedded antenna solutions for single- and dual-band applications. Stamped metal antennas offer OEMs a low cost and highly repeatable manufacturing solution with a number of standard or customized antenna designs. Stampings are a proven solution with several advantages: lowest cost, integrated contacts to ground plane, high volume capable production die, and additional assembly stations may be added for volume upswings.

FPC and PCB Antennas

FPC and PCB antennas

Flexible printed circuits (FPCs) and printed circuit boards (PCBs) are ideal for multi-band antennas, allowing virtually any wireless product to operate at different frequencies without multiple antennas. TE offers a broad range of low profile, high performance FPC and PCB embedded antennas. Similar to our stamped metal antennas, FPC and PCB antennas offer OEMs a low cost and highly repeatable manufacturing solution in a number of standard or customized antenna designs. FPC and PCB antennas address the needs of a variety of wireless applications and offer several advantages: low-cost tooling investment, flexibility for pattern changes during production, and shortest lead time for tool build.

  1. Antenna Assembly - TE Kunsahn (English)

TE most commonly uses the following manufacturing technologies: two-shot and laser direct structuring for molded interconnect devices (MIDs), stamped metal, printed circuit board (PCB), and flexible printed circuit (FPC).

  • Board Level Shielding Manufacturing (English)

  1. Slim Solutions (English)

To meet the demand for slimmer consumer devices, we can custom design the connectors you need. We are ready to help you to reduce connector height up to 30 percent, enabling the super thin consumer devices of today and tomorrow.

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