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This product is not currently available. For more information, including distributor inventory, please contact us.


Our XCX-XDX Bimetallic Compression Cable Lugs can be used either with low or medium voltages terminations. They are designed using crimping technology. They can be easily installed with a regular crimping tool, by a trained installer, to make sure the proper torque is applied to ensure a reliable and efficient connection. They are designed to provide an age-resistant current connection from the aluminum barrel to the solid copper palm. A single connector size for a given conductor cross-section - independent of its compression ratio - is needed. 

Key Features

  • Range from 16 to 1600 mm²
  • One technology for all the sizes of cables
  • Friction welding technology
  • Crimped deep step independent installer’s skills
  • Aluminum barrel and solid copper palm


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are TE's Bimetallic Compression Cable Lugs made of?

Answer: The barrel of our Bimetallic Compression Cable Lug is made of aluminum and its palm is made of copper. Both parts have been linked with friction welding technology.


Question: What are Bimetallic Compression Cable Lugs used for?

Answer: Our Bimetallic Compression Cable Lugs can be used to connect aluminum conductors to a copper bar.


Question: How do I crimp Bimetallic Compression Cable Lugs?

Answer: Our Bimetallic Compression Cable Lugs are crimped using deep stepped indentation technology.


Please review product documents or contact us for the latest agency approval information.  

Product Type Features

  • Compression Connector Technology  Crimp

  • Compression Connector Material  Aluminum-Copper

  • Underground Network Component Type  Terminal Lug

Configuration Features

  • Number of Holes  1

Electrical Characteristics

  • Compression Connector Voltage Class (kV) ≤ 42

Body Features

  • Compression Connector Conductor Material  Aluminum

  • Copper Palm  Yes

Contact Features

  • Crimp Type  Deep Step Indentation


  • Conductor Cross-Section (mm²) 1000, 120, 1200, 150, 16, 185, 240, 25, 300, 35, 400, 50, 500, 630, 70, 800, 95

  • Palm Hole Diameter  10.5, 11, 12.8, 16.5


  • Indoor Use  Yes

  • Outdoor Use  Yes with Protection of the Welding Area

Industry Standards

  • Standards  Designed to Meet NFC 63-061 Class A & IEC 61238-1 Class A Requirements

  • Specification  C33090-1, C33090-2

Product Availability

  • Compression Connector Product Availability  AMERICAS, China, EMEA

Reference Number

  • TE Internal Number CAT-XCX-XDX

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