Switchgear connectors for first electrical road

Case Study


TE Connectivity (TE) ensures the high performance of the world´s first electrical road by delivering ruggedized and reliable switchgear connectors built for harsh environments.

TE Connectivity (TE) participates in the creation of the world´s fi rst electrical road, by delivering ruggedized and reliable switchgear connect solutions to power heavy goods vehicles in harsh environments and reduce carbon emissions in the region.

To drastically reduce the environmental impact of transportation, the Swedish Transport Administration is carrying out a very ambitious mission: build the world´s fi rst electrical road to run non-fossil fuel heavy goods vehicles powered by electricity.

To develop this innovative transportation system, the Swedish government is working together with more than 35 partners. As a fi rst step, a 2-km road was inaugurated in June 2016 to perform tests with hybrid trucks driving at speeds up to 90km/h under diff erent weather conditions. The trucks have a rooftop pantograph that provides connection to the electric road´s overhead cables, as well as a diesel system enabling them to also drive on traditional roadways. Tests are expected to conclude by 2018.

The purpose of the tests is to gain deeper knowledge and experience with this technology to extend it to other regions and countries. Germany is following this project very closely to implement this system in the coming years. Today, experts estimate that electrical road transport can reduce fossil fuel emissions by 80% to 90%.

To power the electrical road, the engineers in charge of the energy supply structure requested screened separable connectors that would enable the reliable connection of their cables in very compact switchgears. In addition, they were looking for connectors that could perform under extreme weather conditions due to the regional climate characterized by high humidity, low temperatures and heavy snowfall. 

Based on decades of experience in the field of medium voltage termination systems for distribution networks, TE’s experts offered a switchgear connect solution meeting the technical requirements and environmental challenges of the project.

  • TE´s Raychem Screened Separable Connectors RSTI
    The unique design of TE´s Raychem Screened Separable Connectors RSTI enabled the easy adaptation to the customer´s cable type and size. Made out of a specialized liquid silicone, RSTI connectors are built to perform in the toughest conditions and under extreme temperatures, ensuring the reliable power connection of the electrical road in a particular climate. RSTI separable connectors compactness and material flexibility allowed them to fit in the small switchgear connection spaces. 
  • On-site Training by TE´s Local Engineers
    To ensure a smooth and fast installation of the connectors, TE´s engineers organised an on-site training in local language. 
  • Easy Installation
    RSTI require no special tools, reducing installation time and errors, and the on-site testing of the cable can be performed without disconnecting the connectors.
“TE not only delivered separable connectors answering to our challenges, but provided an end-to-end solution including technical support and on site training. Having a technical partner we can count on, really makes a difference.”

TE Connectivity was able to off er a reliable and ruggedized solution to ensure the high performance of the world´s fi rst electrical road. TE´s 60 years of experience in cable accessories and material science combined with local support, made this project a success. The silicone components and smart design of the RSTI separable connectors has enabled the reliable electrical connection of the road, even in extreme conditions, and simplifi ed the installation in the compact switchgears. 

By solving this challenge, TE Connectivity showcased its capability to design and provide switchgear connect solutions for applications in harsh environments. Today, TE is seen as a strong partner for the extension of the electrical road in the region following the pilot test. With this project, TE has contributed to empowering and forging the transportation of the future.