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Engineering Industry Standard Products

The connectors manufacturers use must provide innovative solutions that enable business flexibility and adaptability, as they are used in applications ranging from Class Eight tractor-trailers to pontoon boats.


Andre Metzker, TE Connectivity

Engineering Innovative Industry-Standard Products

Industrial and commercial applications require both innovation and versatility. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) organizations are rapidly evolving with solutions to respond to opportunities and challenges of pervasive connectivity, digitization, and electrification. Here’s how TE Connectivity’s (TE) DEUTSCH connectors meet those demands:

Diverse range of options

Many electronics component manufacturers will offer one to two connector options. TE provides hundreds of configurations across its DEUTSCH HDP and DT range offering products in both solid, or stamped and formed versions and with a wide selection of plating finishes. This product versatility enables OEMs to tailor connector solutions to unique application needs and MROs to select the best options for their repair needs. Options include:

  • Rear caps
  • Dust caps
  • Connector bodies with or without flanges
  • Boots, backshells, and mounting clips
  • Multiple pins and socket sizes 
Data Connectivity In Harsh Environment

Providing Versatile Solutions

  • Full range of terminal arrangements: TE provides different terminals, connector sizes, and feature modifications, providing OEMs with great design flexibility.
  • Meeting changing customer needs: TE has innovated its DEUTSCH DT line to include a variety of new wire caps, mounting clips, gaskets, boots, and dust caps to meet customer needs.
  • A common contact system: TE provides five different sizes of contacts that are common to every single one of the DEUTSCH HDP and DT connectors that the company provides: They include pins and sockets size 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20. That means it is easy to specify, manage, install, and repair connectors. 


Increasing OEM and MRO Flexibility

  • Improve manufacturing controls: OEMs and MROs that use DEUTSCH products gain the peace-of-mind of sourcing globally [GE1] [HL2] available, high-performing connectors in all the configurations they require. OEMs can provide continuous production of products without availability issues, while MROs can return vehicles to service faster.
  • Providing flame-retardancy: DEUTSCH HDP and DT products are made of a glass-filled engineered material that’s flame-retardant. Consequently, they can be used for self-extinguishing applications, such as enclosed marine and indoor forklift applications.
  • Supporting new regulations: New regulations like Euro 6/VI vehicle emission standards seek to reduce air pollution by imposing strict emission standards. DEUTSCH products have been used in emission-sensing solutions that measure incoming and after-treatment emission streams from heavy-duty and commercial vehicle emissions, helping OEMs and MROs meet new regulatory requirements.
  • 48V applications: The DEUTSCH HDP and DT series can be used in 48V applications.
Data Connectivity In Harsh Environment

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