Mobile Solutions for Smartphones, Tablets, and Ultraportables

Mobile Solutions

Faster Connections for a Mobile World

Today's consumers expect seamless connectivity wherever they go. TE's extensive suite of mobility solutions provides reliability at fast speeds—without sacrificing power or performance.

Smart Solutions for Diverse Challenges

Partnering with TE gives you access to the next generation of mobile solutions that can boost performance and functionality for devices. When you need speed, performance and reliability in a wide range of flexible options, we’ve got solutions you’re looking for.

Mobile Solutions Product Videos

  1. Waterproof Micro USB 2.0 Connector (English)

TE Connectivity's IP68 waterproof micro USB 2.0 connector provides stronger protection for today’s smaller and thinner mobile devices against the ingression of water and solid objects such as dust.

  • SIM that is Super Slim (English)

  • Scalable Spring Finger Contacts (English)

  • Fine Pitch Board-to-Board Connector Series (English)