Shipbuilding and Offshore

Case Study

Reliable Terminations for Harsh Marine Environment

Singapore-based marine engineering shipyard faced challenges in sourcing high quality connectors for harsh environments with certified installers to install cable accessories and provide on-board technical support

This Singapore-based marine engineering shipyard designs and builds specialist vessels and rigs, serving ship owners and offshore customers across ASEAN countries. Throughout their 40-year history, the shipyard has delivered a wide range of engineering services, spanning ship repair, shipbuilding, ship conversion, rig building and offshore engineering. In order to deliver these services, it relies upon third-party providers to supply a range of equipment and services – including electronic components suited to harsh marine environments. Specifically, the business requires a reliable vendor for premium quality cable termination kits that can be used in its junction boxes and switchgears.

Sourcing high-quality connectors that would perform reliably in harsh environments was just the start of the challenge. They also needed to factor in the requirement for onboard technical support. In addition, it was vital that a certified installer was present for the installation of cable accessories.

Of these three key challenges, the quality of products was crucial. The clients’ expectation was that all components used in their ships should have a proven track record in harsh operating environments, and a lifespan of at least 30 years.

Next, they needed to obtain an appropriate level of onboard technical support. This was never going to be an easy task, as shipbuilding often takes place in harsh environments. This can make it difficult to attract field engineers to work onsite and solve any issues arising during installation.

And finally, as the cable accessories are the only site-assembled part of a power system, it was a requirement that a certified installer be present for the installation of cable accessories. These expert installers play a crucial role in ensuring performance, durability and site safety. However, their specialized skills are in short supply.

By engaging TE Connectivity (TE), the subsidiary found a partner that could address all their challenges. TE was not only able to offer high performance products that excel in harsh conditions, but also provide the technical skills and experience for their installation.

The TE solution chosen by the client was built around Raychem heat shrink termination kits. These highclass components are known for their reliability and endurance, and are approved by many classification societies, including DNV and BV.

TE was also able to provide cold shrink terminations. It is rare for suppliers to be able to provide both hot and cold shrink products, and demonstrated TE’s ability to be a ‘one-stop’ supplier.

In addition, TE delivered outstanding onsite support, certified installation and training. It is this unique combination of TE products and people that provided a complete, end-to-end solution.

Since first engaging TE Connectivity, the shipyard has been using TE’s Raychem products in their ships and rigs for the last 4 years, installing over 1,000 kits on average annually. It is a solution that has enabled the business to meet their clients’ needs and schedules, time after time.