point of care

Point of care

TE Connectivity designs accurate, precise, and simplified POC microfluidic devices with the flexibility to suit your specific needs.

When test results are needed immediately, reliance on traditional laboratories can make large-scale screening applications impractical.  Point-of-Care (POC) tests combine fully automated diagnostic instruments with microfluidic consumable cartridges that provide simple and rapid screening of pathogens and diseases. POC patient samples do not need to be sent to a laboratory and tests can be performed in clinics, ERs, practitioner offices, and patient residences. TE designs custom POC devices with reduced system complexity and modularized designs for increased practicality. Our microfluidic POC systems are used for sample-to-answer molecular, immuno, protein, and cellular applications. 

Point-of-Care (POC) Device Design

TE’s IVD Solutions team designs accurate, precise, and simplified POC devices with the flexibility to suit your specific needs. Our experienced engineers develop POC consumable devices incorporating all assay steps, from sample preparation to reaction, separation, and detection.
Our simplified designs lead to improved user experiences and error mitigation effects through the concurrent development of CLIA-recommended IFU testing, guard banding, and user tested labeling. All of our devices are rigorously tested by our in-house usability and clinical testing teams. The end result is a POC device that is user-friendly and requires no special training to use.


POC Consumable Cartridge Optimization

TE optimizes POC cartridge designs and reduces production costs by optimizing materials, assay transfer processes, assembly methods, amortization, testing equipment, labor requirements, and reagent selection. This is based on decades of expertise designing and manufacturing hundreds of microfluidic consumable cartridge products. Every new POC project starts with input from our in-house design, usability, clinical and manufacturing teams, allowing us to head off future design or manufacturing issues before they become expensive problems that delay market launch.   

ISO 13485:2016 Certified Facilities

As a critical supplier for many IVD clients, you can rest assured that TE’s IVD Solutions design and manufacturing facilities are ISO 13485:2016 certified. We provide an end-to-end solution for companies that prefer to work with one company to design, test and gather clinical data for their POC devices, and scale manufacturing from low to moderate to high volumes, all under one roof. 

Proven Point of Care Expertise, From Concept to Market