Surgical Robotics

Surgical Robotics

Co-creating the future of robotic surgery, TE has been partner to the earliest pioneers. With an unmatched portfolio of technologies, TE has the ability to enable the next generation of medical device. From highly engineered tubing for surgical instruments, to imaging cables for visualization and sensors to augment touch and feel, our solutions are to be found through-out the surgical robotics OR.

TE has been at the forefront of advancements in surgical robotics, from the revolution of key hole surgery over two decades ago to breakthroughs in robotic microsurgery today. TE is taking clinical needs and turning them into technical innovations.

With the purpose of creating a safer world, TE strives to enable trends in smaller, smart devices that can be miniaturized & mechatronically enhanced. Our work in immersive visualization and sensing for augmented touch and feel are moving the dial on the future of surgical robotics.

Core Competencies

  • Advanced imaging catheters
  • Endoscopic shafts
  • Single use accessories
  • End effector instruments
  • Minimally invasive catheters
  • Cables and connectors
  • Sensors