outdoor lighting


Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Enabling the next generation of smart city LED lighting, we offer a wide range of harsh environment connectivity solutions that are easy to install and maintain.


In the harsh conditions of outdoor applications, LEDs cut energy usage, produce less heat, require less maintenance and handle variable temperatures and rapid cycling much better than traditional light sources. TE Connectivity's extensive portfolio of connectors, labels and filters enable LED fixtures to survive in punishing outdoor environments while providing beautiful, reliable and efficient lighting.

Our fixture solutions are engineered to improve manufacturability, speed time to market and increase manufacturability while at the same time meeting the regulatory standards of various geographical regions. Our rugged, easy-install connectors, power line filters and label solutions are easy to integrate into new or existing outdoor LED fixtures.

Our flexible interconnect solutions integrate light engines for modern outdoor lighting fixtures.  We offer a wide range of low-profile interconnects, in surface mount and throughhole board mount configurations, designed to enable faster manufacturing and maximize design options while withstanding the harsh conditions of outdoor environments.

We offer a broad selection of user-friendly interconnects designed to reliably connect to the inputs and outputs of your driver. Our wire-to-wire, wire-to-board and cable-to-cable interconnects deliver unmatched design flexibilityand ease of use.