Building Automation & Lighting


Building Automation & Lighting

TE's connectivity and sensor solutions can help enable effective and sustainable building automation and LED lighting designs. Check out our solutions for key building applications below.


Technology is enabling our buildings to become smarter every day. Enhanced productivity between controls and equipment, more efficient and sustainable systems, and many more that contribute to comfortable internal environments, security of buildings, movement, and lighting. TE is your partner throughout the process, offering a wide array of connector and sensor products that can fulfill your design requirements.

Building Controls contribute to the environment, safety, and security of the buildings and facilities within which you operate. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, as well as Indoor Lighting help maintain an atmosphere essential for operation and productivity; and safety & security applications enable the safety of your employees and buildings. See how our products and application solutions can help enable the intelligent building designs of the future.

Solutions to keep people moving and help produce sustainable energy. Building equipment is made up of lighting, elevators & escalators, solar applications, and more. Since these applications undergo consistent and strenuous usage, it’s important to design them with durable products that will last. Read below to see how our application solutions for building equipment can help you today.

We offer products for light engines, controls, interconnects, fixtures, and many more that enable LED lighting solutions and weather harsh environments. Learn more about how we can help your next project through economical, easy to manufacture and easy-to-install solutions that deliver energy-efficient illumination in smaller, longer lasting and more efficient designs.