fuse boxes for street lighting

Advanced Solutions for Fuse Boxes and Surge Protection

Protect against Overvoltage

Fuse Box Innovation

LED luminaires are rapidly replacing existing luminaires in street lighting applications around the world. While LEDs offer design freedom, durability and energy savings, these require robust surge protection against overvoltage from lightning strikes and switching related voltage spikes. We manufacture fuse boxes designed for the next generation of street lighting network. 

4 kV

Maximum voltage spike that can be handled by the LED power supply


Hours of operating life of luminaire and electronic power supply


TE’s years of experience in Street Lighting

Fuse Box Technology

Single Source for Surge Protection
    These fuse boxes connect and protect luminaires in lighting poles and outdoor lighting applications. Equipped with sliding terminals, these fuse boxes are quick and easy to install in street lighting grids.
    Designed for easy assembly and performance reliability, the fuse boxes provide a cost effective solution for connecting and protecting luminaires in lighting poles.
    These connect and protect luminaires in lighting poles connected to large cross section supply cables. Equipped with installer-friendly sliding terminals, our EKM-2035 large fuse boxes are quick to mount and provide reliability for four-pole street lighting grids.
    Our small fuse boxes are designed for lighting bollards or decorative lighting on slim poles. The unique fuse arrangement allows D01 size fuses to fit inside, and sliding terminals allow for fast, reliable installation.
utility and general purpose fuse boxes
Utility Grade and General Purpose Fuse Boxes
large and small fuse boxes
Large and Small Fuse Boxes

Select Applications

Fuse Boxes for Surge Protection
  • Public street lighting
  • Private outdoor lights for parking lots and apartment buildings
  • Industrial settings such as refineries and power plants
  • Infrastructures, including harbors, airports, and rail stations