oil and gas

Case Study

Heat Shrink Terminations for Oil & Gas Application

Heat shrink electrical terminations safeguard a Canadian crude-oil pipeline.

A leading Canadian energy-delivery company recently undertook a multibillion-dollar program involving the replacement of more than a thousand miles of piping, and the installation or upgrade of a series of motors, pumps, and valves that are needed to keep oil and natural gas flowing throughout the pipeline. This capital-intensive project was the largest of its kind undertaken in the company’s history.


miles of pipeline


month project


terminations in two sizes 8 kV and 15 kV

Raychem heat shrink terminations were determined to best meet the performance and reliability requirements to ensure that the power cables will remain electrically and mechanically protected from the common forms of failure the equipment would likely encounter in the field.

This extensive upgrade project which required the installation of more than a thousand miles of pipeline, and a complex network of associated motors, pumps and valves, was completed on schedule over an 18-20-month period and the system is now in operational service.