Redefining the Grid Reliability

Grid Connectivity + Reliability

Discover how we're redefining the space between.

Every Connection Counts

You're faced with daily challenges, like unforgiving environments, installation accuracy, constantly evolving technology and regulations, animal-induced outages.

Will a tracked material cause a flashover – or worse, a wildfire? How will you manage the emerging trends of decarbonization, urbanization, network decentralization, digitalization? When you’re tasked with building the grid of the future – robust, intelligent, and emission-free – it’s clear that every connection counts.


Redefining the Space Between

Redefining the Space Between

We are the brands you rely on

Between the years 1999 and 2002, TE acquired several industry-leading brands. Our extensive portfolio includes Raychem cable accessories and wildlife & asset protection solutions, SIMEL insulation piercing & mechanical connectors, Bowthorpe EMP surge arresters, Crompton Instruments metering, AMPACT overhead connectors, UTILUX lugs and more.

One Connectivity Partner

From generation to transmission to distribution to wherever energy is needed, we’re with you every step of the way with our portfolio of cable accessories, connectors and fittings, surge arresters, insulation and protection covers, metering and installation training. No matter where in the energy landscape, we can help you to optimize asset service-life and prevent the costly effects of underground failures, animal-induced outages, materials tracking, flashovers and more.


If the ideal solution isn’t in our solution product portfolio, our engineering team can collaborate with you for a custom solution. With global manufacturing facilities, materials science specialists and in-house testing laboratories, we are equipped to design, build, optimize and manufacture your unique solution – from prototype to full production.


We met with one utility client to assess and fully understand their specific situation and requirements. 


We designed a bespoke joint to transition from 50 year-old PILC oil paper cable to modern polymeric cable.


Our engineers worked side-by-side with the utility’s engineers and jointers to conduct extensive reliability testing at our laboratories.


Our team created detailed instructions and trained utility jointing instructors on proper assembly and installation.