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Connect with Mission Critical Reliability

In combat theater situations, you can trust TE components and solutions to make the connections you rely on.

Simplifying systems and advancing capabilities. Nothing is more important on or off the battlefield than reliable military systems. They require efficient use of space without sacrificing reliability, adding unnecessary weight or compromising mission effectiveness. TE Connectivity (TE)'s expertise in interconnection products and systems helps ensure complete system compatibility for challenging applications in defense environments. Complexity of weapons systems, power distribution, networking and soldier systems is growing rapidly. TE helps to simplify interconnections, increase performance, and enhance reliability to achieve greater accuracy, faster response and better communications.

Rugged Components

Interconnects to Keep and Maintain Mission Readiness

Ground defense not only presents challenging environments, it also requires heightened system compatibility. Our components offer superior electrical interconnection performance under these extremely rugged conditions. 

Ground Defense Weapons
Ground defense weapons
Ground Defense Vetronics
Ground defense vetronics

Power Distribution

Tap Powerful Solutions

TE Connectivity (TE) offers relays and contacts with make/break current ratings up to 2000 A, current ratings up to 1000 A at 28 VDC and 500 A at 900 VDC, and hermetic sealing for reliability. Our relays offer one of the industry’s leading combination of high current switching in compact, lightweight packages.

Weapons Systems

Simplifying Systems, Advancing Capabilities

As the complexity of weapons systems increases, we help simplify interconnections, increase performance, and enhance reliability to achieve greater accuracy, faster response, and better communications.

Aerospace Power and Control

Smarter Connectivity for Intelligent Flight Control

We understand the complex system protocols, key electrical parameter requirements, and overall mechanical performance requirements of the military aerospace market.

As you look toward a holistic approach to system integration, count on TE for solutions and expertise in every system from avionics and flight control, to power and weapons systems, to electronic warfare and unmanned aerial vehicles. 

Military Aerospace
Military aerospace

Fixed and Rotary Wing

Setting new direction in flight control

Modern flight controls combine mechanical, hydraulic, and increasingly fly-by-wire systems to manage flight control surfaces, landing gear, and other mechanisms. As the sophistication of these controls increases, so do the requirements for faster processing speeds and smaller, lighter, and more reliable solenoids, sensors, and actuators.

The sea is a harsh environment, ever challenging the electrical and electronic systems that control naval vessels. With our deep understanding of the unique needs of marine environments, TE Connectivity (TE) has a proud history of providing solutions to make ships more reliable, more sophisticated, and mission ready. Our solutions save weight, require less space, and help you achieve new levels of performance. Whether it’s processing-intensive target acquisition or reliable delivery of power, you’ll find more choice of seaworthy products to support the mission undersea, in littoral waters, or across the expanses of oceans.

Military Vessels
Military vessels
Military Ships
Military ships

Military Marine Solutions

Tame a Harsh Environment

TE Connectivity's (TE) product range supports defense-related harsh environment applications and has a long history of designing and building military connectors and system solutions. Products designed to perform in both littoral, as well as very deep water applications, across a range of government platforms including submarines, surface ships, helicopters, ground vehicles, AUVs, ROVs, and UUVs.

Marine Weapons & Payload

Launch the mission with critical reliability

Whether it’s processing-intensive target acquisition or reliable delivery of power, you’ll find more choice of seaworthy products to support the mission undersea, in littoral waters or across the expanses of oceans.

Propulsion & Power Distribution

Rely on High Performance Power Control

Our power distribution solutions may help combat the potential hazards of naval applications, resisting salt, moisture, harsh oils, fuels, and other solvents and maintaining efficient power distribution under tough conditions of vibration and shock.

Hull Electrical

Built in Reliability from Bow to Stern

TE is boosting performance with powerful infrastructure solutions. You will find cables with reduced size and weight, sealed relays and contactors and a wide assortment of products to help manage and identify cables and subsystems

Compact and Intelligent Design

Survivable Solutions in Harsh Environments

TE is helping designers create missile defense systems that are smarter, smaller, lighter, and more reliable. While a missile needs only to work once, every missile must be ready to perform. 

Missile Defense

Seeker Guidance

Bandwidth for Precision Targeting

As the sophistication of sensors grows and systems use multiple sensors, the data they provide becomes more complex. Connectivity to handle the data is moving from Gigabit Ethernet to 10G in networking, while signal processing systems need to pack more bandwidth into smaller packages. 


Mission Critical Reliability

Our connectors are designed for quick and reliable release of the store from the aircraft. Reliability is maximized with TE precision relays and timers to help confirm the payload is delivered on target.

Control Systems

Making it Work Together Flawlessly

Flight controls must monitor airframe dynamics and adjust flight parameters.  Control systems deal with every section of the missile. They must be well protected against EMI, not only generated within the system but from external countermeasure sources. 

Lightweight Design for Extreme Conditions

Launch Reliability for The Final Frontier

Space applications mean extreme conditions and demand the best in lightweight composition, innovative design and reliability.   

Space Launch
Space launch
Satellite Systems

Space Launch Vehicle

Connectivity from Launch to Target

Umbilical connectors, wire, cable, relays, contactors, sensors, Mil-Std-1553 databus and a host of avionics interconnect make TE a world leader in launch vehicle connectivity.

Space Craft Chassis

Making it work in Zero G

TE provides high tech, high reliability solutions for spacecraft chassis and satellite buses, including data and power interconnect, sensors, power distribution devices like relays and contactors, space compatible wire, cable and integrated systems, such as Mil-Std-1553 databus. 

Space C4ISR

TE offers a broad portfolio of Space qualified and Space compatible connectivity solutions, including inside-the-box and box-to-box solutions that are light weight, high bandwidth and space friendly.

Military Communication Systems

Enabling the Connected Soldier

Electrical interconnects made smaller, lighter, and more modular, mission specific configurations.

Connected Soldier Systems
Connected soldier systems

Soldier and Weapons System

Enabling the Connected Soldier

Operating in adverse conditions requires soldier systems that are not only rugged, but also easy to use. TE offers a range of interconnect solutions that are ergonomic, yet reliably rugged, and that save space and weight when every ounce counts. 

Intelligent Remote Communication Systems

Fly Higher, Stay Longer

Unmanned aerial systes, ranging from 60-foot wing spans on high altitude platforms to the size of a small hummingbird, require innovative solutions to meet the mission requirements of long flight times, advanced intelligence-gathering capabilities, and weapons delivery.  

UAV Systems
UAV systems