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Connect with Mission Critical Reliability

In combat theater situations, you can trust TE components and solutions to make the connections you rely on.

Simplifying systems and advancing capabilities. Nothing is more important on or off the battlefield than reliable military systems. They require efficient use of space without sacrificing reliability, adding unnecessary weight or compromising mission effectiveness. TE's expertise in interconnection products and systems helps ensure complete system compatibility for challenging applications in defense environments. Complexity of weapons systems, power distribution, networking and soldier systems is growing rapidly. TE helps to simplify interconnections, increase performance, and enhance reliability to achieve greater accuracy, faster response and better communications.

Rugged Components

Interconnects to Keep and Maintain Mission Readiness

Ground defense not only presents challenging environments, it also requires heightened system compatibility. Our components offer superior electrical interconnection performance under these extremely rugged conditions. 

Ground Defense Weapons
Ground defense weapons
Ground Defense Vetronics
Ground defense vetronics

Aerospace Power and Control

Smarter Connectivity for Intelligent Flight Control

We understand the complex system protocols, key electrical parameter requirements, and overall mechanical performance requirements of the military aerospace market.

As you look toward a holistic approach to system integration, count on TE for solutions and expertise in every system from avionics and flight control, to power and weapons systems, to electronic warfare and unmanned aerial vehicles. 

Military Aerospace
Military aerospace

Harsh Environment Design

Surface and Submarine. Keeping the Fleet on Station.

TE has a proven track record of providing rugged solutions to meet the harsh demands of the military marine environment. 

Military Vessels
Military vessels
Military Ships
Military ships

Compact and Intelligent Design

Survivable Solutions in Harsh Environments

TE is helping designers create missile defense systems that are smarter, smaller, lighter, and more reliable. While a missile needs only to work once, every missile must be ready to perform. 

Missile Defense

Lightweight Design for Extreme Conditions

Launch Reliability for The Final Frontier

Space applications mean extreme conditions and demand the best in lightweight composition, innovative design and reliability.   

Space Launch
Space launch
Satellite Systems
Satellite systems

Military Communication Systems

Enabling the Connected Soldier

Electrical interconnects made smaller, lighter, and more modular, mission specific configurations.

Connected Soldier Systems
Connected soldier systems

Intelligent Remote Communication Systems

Fly Higher, Stay Longer

Unmanned aerial systes, ranging from 60-foot wing spans on high altitude platforms to the size of a small hummingbird, require innovative solutions to meet the mission requirements of long flight times, advanced intelligence-gathering capabilities, and weapons delivery.  

UAV Systems
UAV systems