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Electronic Warfare, C5ISR


C5ISR Systems for Electronic Warfare

Strengthen C5ISR electronic warfare systems with high-speed interconnects and cable assemblies.

C5ISR Systems in Military Defense

Mission success in the modern military defense arena depends on electronic warfare systems with strong C5ISR technology: command, control, computers, communications, cyber, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. Reliable and rugged components from TE Connectivity enable C5ISR electronic warfare systems like the next-generation jammer and common infrared countermeasures to keep pace with the demands of today’s battlefield.

We are satisfying the need for faster digital communications with high-speed, board-level interconnects and digital cable assemblies. Our composite enclosures, efficient power subassemblies, and integrated antenna technologies are engineered to reduce the size and weight on these electronic warfare systems. Our militaries need ruggedized copper and fiber interconnect and cable assemblies, and we are protecting these critical electronic warfare systems with lightweight shielding and EMI-immune data paths.

C5ISR vs C4ISR Systems

A common standard in the military defense sector, C4ISR stands for command, control, computers, communications, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance — all critical elements to a successful military mission.

The addition of another element, cyber, updates the standard to C5ISR and demonstrates the importance of thwarting cyber attacks in warfare. This expanded scope of the defense industry means that TE solutions built for the battlefield must also be designed to meet all C5ISR requirements, including cybersecurity.

Products for Electronic Warfare Systems

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