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Lead Experts

Olaf Lorenz

Olaf Lorenz

Manager Field Application Engineering

Olaf Lorenz

Stefan Stross

Senior Principal R&D Engineer

Olaf Lorenz

Peter Huettenberger

Staff Quality & Reliability Engineer


The electrical system is a fundamental part of every vehicle. Relays and contactors play an important role in the switching of applications and as part of the electrical safety concept. The properties of electromechanical relays sometimes differ significantly from those of semiconductors. Many developers of electrical circuits are very familiar with semiconductors but are not well-versed in the features of electromechanical relays and contactors. The seminar offers an insight into relay technology and the application of switching and protecting components in the vehicle’s safety concept in aspect of functional safety requirements acc. the ISO 26262.

Course Content

  1. ApplicationFieldsintheAutomotiveSector
  2. Relay Basics Part 1: Control Circuit
  3. Relay Basics Part 2: Contact System
  4. Relay Basics Part 3: Miscellaneous
  5. Functional Safety Part 1
  6. Functional Safety Part 2
  7. Protection Mechanisms in Failure Modes

The format offers space for open discussion and will answer questions based on examples how a transformation can succeed.


  • Morning Session: 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM CET
  • Afternoon session: 12:00 AM – 2:00 PM CET

Area of Interest



Bensheim, Germany

Target Group

The seminar is aimed for technical as well as non-technical professionals, who want to learn more about automotive relay and contactor design (morning sessions 1-4) and the application of switching components in the safety concept of vehicle’s electrical architecture as well as basics about functional safety requirements (afternoon sessions 5-7).


640€ excl. VAT
(incl. seminar documents)


April 04th, 2023

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