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Case Study


TE Connectivity (TE) medium voltage joints and separable connectors answer to challenges posed by Muscat airport´s humidity, salinity and high temperature conditions.

Complete Connectivity Solution

TE supported the expansion of the Muscat International Airport, by delivering a complete connectivity solution that combined medium voltage cable accessories built for harsh environments, local technical support and on-site training.

The extension of the Muscat International Airport initiated by the Sultanate of Oman, included the construction of a 334,995m² terminal to welcome 12 million passengers per year.

To enable the electrical connection of the new facilities, the engineers responsible for the energy supply structure requested separable connectors and joints that would ensure the reliable performance of the terminal and withstand the local extreme environmental conditions such as humidity, salinity and high temperatures.

The engineering team was also looking for a solution that would decrease failures that occur as a result of installation error.

TE's local team designed tailor-made solutions that deliver high performance, reliability and long service life for each need:

  • 70 Raychem Plug-In Terminations (RPIT) inner cone connectors
  • 2 RPIT installation tools
  • 100 outer cone connectors
  • 250 medium voltage joints and terminations

To reduce failure risks caused by incorrect installation, TE offered on-site trainings provided by a local team. This allowed them to supervise the installation process and ensure that the cable accessories were installed correctly.


substations provided with TE separable connectors


delivered kilometers of cable


years of experience in material science and engineering experience

TE showed its capability to design and supply special solutions in harsh environments that relies on more than 60 years of experience in cable accessories development and manufacturing.

By relying on a unique supplier for electrical parts, the project follow-up and organization became much easier and safer.